September 12th update

Smack dab in the middle of final edits (sound mix done last week, color correction updated last night, film cut down from 17 ½ minutes to 15 ½ minutes in several version flying around in the last week) before submitting to Sundance. It is a wild ride trying to balance pacing and movement in the story with feeling and allowing the viewer to be pulled into the protagonist’s world. I have received very insightful comments, some opposing. Today I will sit with all the options and make a final decision about certain edits. Then we will submit.

There is no control over what will happen with festivals. I had a conversation with my husband Bruce (who plays Ted in the film and is an Associate Producer) a couple of weeks ago about this. The experience of making the film and working with so many amazing people to make a piece of art was worth all the work in the past year in and of itself. I will make sure the film will be seen by many. Festival and press kudos will be amazing, but as I said making the film was gratifying in and of itself.

I feel that the film expresses what I wanted to express; i.e. it attempts to answer the question “How could a young person commit a cross burning in this day and age?”.. It is not an easy question to answer, and while I feel that CROSSING THE RIVER leaves the viewer with questions, it does dive into the subject matter full force. I also learned so much on so many levels making this film, about working with a larger crew, collaborating with many artists, and about connecting with activists and other folks who are interested in social issue films and specifically about combating hate crimes.

I will continue to keep everyone posted. Can’t WAIT to share the film with everyone once we have our first screening!

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