Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown: We will not forget

It’s impossible to wrap our minds around the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, last Friday.  Perhaps it will never make sense.  Do atrocities like this EVER make sense?   Trying to fathom why such an tragedy was visited upon a community, why someone would be willing to snatch away the lives of such innocent creatures, such young children, can be a practice in futility.  As much as we can, we feel it is important to transform our pain, confusion, and outrage into comfort and compassion for one another as we all try to deal with this heinous act of barbarism.  It is our hope that such a crime never be committed again, that we do better to protect our children and each other, that we maintain our humanity as we move forward to honor the memories of those who were taken away.  We will be working to turn these hopes into a reality.

We will not forget.



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