Reflecting on 2012, Welcoming 2013: The journey of making Crossing the River

As the new year is about to hit us, we can’t help but look back enthusiastically at the year that was.  This year was a big one for us!  Take a look at the timeline below for what happened with Crossing the River in 2012.  We have gone through so much this year, and you have all helped and supported us!  Without you, this would not be possible.  Each of you — followers, fans, colleagues, family and friends — is valued and cherished by the entire Crossing the River team.

Thanks so much for joining us on this incredible journey!


2012 Timeline of Crossing the River:

January: Still celebrating surpassing our Kickstarter crowdfunding goal of $14,800 (we raised $15,316)!  And of course, planning for a spring shoot, but still deciding if it will be in South Carolina or New York; finding a Director of Photography; refining the script, and a lot more!

February: Pre-production starts

March:  We head into production in South Carolina, a whole team of amazing people committed to this project!

April: The editing process begins.

May: Post-production continues, from color correction to sound design and sound mix and more.

June: Light at the end of the post-production tunnel!

July: We start ramping up our conversations about the film on Twitter (@CTRfilm) with our fellow “tweeps.”

August:  The film festival submission process begins!

September: The festival submission process continues.  We wait for news in the coming months!

October: We continue to find great allies through social media.

November: Planning for our social action campaign around the film; re-editing the film from 17 1/2 to 14 3/4 minutes; and finalizing the trailer!

December: Working on building connections within the antiracist and racial justice communities; planning for 2013 press coverage and further social action campaigning; reaching out to film critics; and looking forward to deciding which film festivals we’ll be attending in 2013!

Of course, there are hundreds of small things (too many to mention here) that have gone into making Crossing the River a reality, from putting together spreadsheets to communicating with supporters, from sending emails to returning calls, from working through color correction to yes, even spending time with our families and making time to relax (finally)!

We’re looking forward to a successful 2013 and hope our film will resonate with audiences on a fundamental level to help empower them to work within their communities or organizations on the national and international level to fight racism, foster inclusion, and educate others.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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